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I help Organizations & Executive Leaders Connect Strategy to Project Delivery to Accelerate Value, Amplify & Sustain Success!

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THE Strategic Project Leader™ Fuelling the Global Project Economy, empowering organizations and their teams to become value accelerator to sustain success in business & beyond!

Project Management Simplified ~ With Fola Alabi MBA, PMP®, PRINCE 2®, PMI-ACP®, PROSCI CM®

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“Projects are the engines of progress and you are the most important project you will ever work on”

I Help Organizations, Startups and Executive Leaders Leverage Strategic Project Leadership to Connect Strategy to Project delivery to Accelerate Value, Increase Project Success and Team Performance!

Become Strategic Project Leaders who get consistent results in business and beyond.

The Life You Crave is One Project Away!


Your leverage for career advancement, business growth and the life you crave - Amplify your success in business and beyond by becoming an SPL.

Hey Fola, I want the SPL Simplified Formula to …”

With the power in project management with a strategic focus:

1. Go from Aspiring Project Manager (PM) to PM to Strategic Project Leader

Understand the fundamentals of Project Management and learn how to transition to becoming a strategic business driver – evolving from a project professional to a strategic project leader, thus accelerating your career.

2. Elevate Project Delivery – From PMO To Strategy Realization Office With High Performing Teams

Beyond just reporting and tactical governance, understand the art and science of creating a team that adds strategic value and connects strategic planning to project execution to benefit realization. Understand project team dynamics and help empower them to drive outcomes


3. Strategic Planning to Project Execution For Entrepreneurs to Launch Ideas With Ease!

Let me simplify your launch. Think like a project leader who begins by uncovering the needs of the customer to create solutions that address pain points. A plan and roadmap are crucial, and strategic project leadership will help.

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About Me

Fola Alabi – The Strategic Project Leader™

I am THE Strategic Project Leader™.

I am all about simplifying complexities and maximizing leverage to achieve tangible business results and outcomes.

I am THE Strategic Project Leader™, dedicated to simplifying complexities and maximizing leverage to achieve tangible business results and outcomes. For two decades, I have successfully managed project managers, business analysts, and technical SMEs across multiple million-dollar portfolios. Additionally, I have established project management centers of excellence, commonly known as PMOs. I am recognized as an expert in utilizing strategic project management as a catalyst to transform ideas and goals into reality—an execution powerhouse.
Strategic project management changed my life and thousand of others. Do you want to be next? I share my strategies and story to help you begin to live the life you crave.

Today, I teach others how to do the same; how to 'execute right' and achieve goals with ease!

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My Goal!

To equip 1 million lives by 2030 with the necessary tools to become Strategic Project Leaders (SPLs) to achieve financial freedom – success in business, career, and life by effectively managing changes, goals, and challenges as projects!

Here Is How We Can Work Together

Personalized 1:1 support, group coaching, self-paced learning, and an electrifying speaking experience await you.

I will guide you in leveraging strategic project management to:

  1. Attain the clarity and strategies necessary to advance your career to executive leadership (c-suite).
  2. Launch and scale your business idea.
  3. Create the life you crave.

With strategic project management,  you can unlock the potential for a thriving business, career, and life.



Project management serves as the vehicle that transforms ideas into reality by employing a systematic approach. As a Strategic Project Leader, I assist my clients in attaining concrete business outcomes, advancing their careers, and enhancing their overall quality of life through the application of the Strategic Project Leader Framework.

By adopting this strategic focus in project management, my clients experience a heightened level of efficiency and effectiveness in their endeavors, leading to tangible results and long-term success.

My Philosophy

My philosophy revolves around empowering professionals, business leaders, and entrepreneurs by equipping them with the necessary tools to succeed. I believe in providing clear execution strategies that span from idea conceptualization to planning, execution, and continuous improvement.

By embracing strategic project management (SPM) principles and adopting a strategic mindset, individuals can experience a significant transformation. This approach turns their ideas and goals from mere dreams into a tangible reality—an execution powerhouse. The application of SPM principles becomes a game-changer, enabling individuals to drive their projects forward with focus, efficiency, and success.

Project management has been used for centuries to help businesses achieve their goals. Today, project management has been pushed even further with the introduction of Strategic Project Management in Business and Beyond™.

Now, professionals can leverage Strategic Project Management to achieve consistent results in business, career and life.

Life is a project and you are your life’s Project Manager

You are the number one project you will ever work on. Not sure where to start?

Goals (projects) are achievable – I am a testament that Impossible truly says: I’m Possible!’

Lives are being changed. You can be part of this success story.


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By far the best team I've ever worked with. Fola and her team truly understood my needs! I would highly recommend them as a company, you simply just won't find another visionary like Fola!

Grace HugeLeader and Author

It was really fun getting to know Fola during the project. Fola was helpful in answering my questions and made me feel completely at ease. The strategy session ended up being twice as good as I could have ever envisioned!

Bose AdekummiProject Manager turned Employeepreneur

I'm wondering why I never contacted Fola sooner! Seriously, Fola is a commendable talent in her business, leadership and project managment experise she knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!

John BrownAccountant

The first time I met Fola she listened to me and and wasn't judgemental. She offered me practical strategies that I use till this day. My life has been transformed! I literally could not be happier!

David AsburyAccidental Entrepreneur

Words of Affirmation

To achieve success in business, career, and life, it is essential to work diligently and persistently. Clear goals, team alignment, and effective execution strategies are crucial factors that contribute to favorable outcomes. It is important not to lose sight of your objectives and remain steadfast in your pursuit. Even when faced with challenges, it is vital to keep pushing forward and never give up. By maintaining a dedicated focus on your goals (projects), you can make progress and achieve the desired results in various areas of your life.
To create the future others crave, today we will plan, be strategic and take action in ways others won't. ~ Fola Alabi

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With a team of world-class experts, the Strategic Project Leader Podcast delivers meticulous execution strategies and actionable insights directly to your earbuds. It has solidified its position as a must-listen resource for hundreds of thousands of ambitious professionals and business leaders who are committed to achieving tangible results.

Through engaging discussions and thought-provoking content, the podcast equips listeners with the knowledge and tools they need to excel in strategic project leadership. Whether you're seeking to enhance your project management skills or drive your business forward, the Strategic Project Leader Podcast is an invaluable resource that shouldn't be missed.


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