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Aside from being a dynamic speaker and an award-winning author, I am a well-recognized project management expert.
I specialize in helping people build a lifestyle that is goal-oriented and results-focused while building leadership skills to help at home and at work. My processes and methods have been developed from my own experiences, research, and building my own project management career and businesses from scratch.
My goal is to make you win with a simplified – yet strategic –  project management tool.

My Goal!

To equip 1 million lives by 2030 with the appropriate tools to become Strategic Project Leaders (SPL) and attain financial freedom, success in business, career and life — managing life as a project!

My Story

Let’s Change How We

Manage Business

I have been inspired by many before me and as such, I have heard so many of their stories.

Being a migrant and a woman from an ethnic minority group, has had it own challenges. I have been determined to keep learning and improving. Through my journey I have had heard many stories of people who have had struggles similar to mine. As a catalyst of positive change who has been able to overcome and create a fulfilling career and life. Today, I amplify the voices of others by providing them with the tools they need to build a successful business and career.

I speak to inspire, motivate and equip the people in business and career leveraging strategic project management, to create the life they crave!


  • High energy
  • Easy to work with
  • Big social impact
  • Innovative and actionable (digital) keynotes
  • Entertaining (digital) workshops and breakouts

Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Book me for your conferences, seminars and workshops. I will help get your teams to develop the right mindset and get them from the storming stage of development to adjourning.
Have me speak about how the Project Management Mindset will strengthen personal and professional relationships, increase work-life harmony, and empower your employees and teams to be better project managers (irrespective of job roles and functions).

Ready to Get the Most Out of  Your Time?

Pick a collection below to get actionable, strategic and action-based resources perfectly paired with your current stage of career and business growth.


Get Unstuck and Plan

Remove the barriers to entry, learn the mindset to break through the subconscious blocks to success.


Move From Plan to Build

 Understand how to manage goals, changes and challenges in your business, career and life as projects.


Accelerate & Scale

Set up seamless service delivery with the right systems, processes and tools in your business, career and life

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