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GET YOUR DREAM JOB | Nine (9) Questions To Standout At your next Job Interview
TEN TIPS TO HELP YIU EXCEL IN YOUR CAREER | Career Advancement | Empowerment
STAYING SAFE AND SANE | Strategies for coping in this time of Covid – 19 Pandemic | Checking on you

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“A podcast that not only inspires you, but gives you clear actionable strategies needed to put the insights you learn to executable profitable outcomes.”
Strategic Project Management 101
Learn the fundamentals of project managment and how you can apply that to your career and business to get results fast.
Communication Management
Communicate with leverage and be positoned for sucess.
Powerful Tools To Leverage For Starting A Business – Project kick-off
Learn how to start your project right to avoid rework and overspending as an employeepreneur.
Project Planning
How you can make your plan be great when you follow key Strategic Project Leader (SPL) strategies.

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Get Unstuck and Plan

Remove the barriers to entry, learn the mindset to break through the subconscious blocks to success.


Move From Plan to Build

 Understand how to manage goals, changes and challenges in your business, career and life as projects.


Accelerate & Scale

Set up seamless service delivery with the right systems, processes and tools in your business, career and life

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