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I work intimately with you to transform what you do and love into a success story.

No Shortcuts

My Story

From my early childhood, I cultivated a deep passion for simplifying complex matters and finding solutions to any challenges that lay before me.

Following the completion of my Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, I pursued an MBA with a specialization in strategy and project management. This educational journey paved the way for my career in portfolio, program, project, and change management.

Over the course of 15 years, I have dedicated myself to assisting clients in unraveling life’s most significant projects, with a specific focus on organizational growth, career advancement, and cultivating thriving relationships. Through my expertise and guidance, I have helped individuals navigate these crucial areas and achieve remarkable success.


“I went on a quest to simplify my life. I wanted to know more about what differentiated successful businesses and relationships. I then embarked on a project to find this simplicity.”

No Shortcuts

The ‘Me Project’

I went on a quest to simplify my life as I wanted to know more about what steps I needed to take to experience success at work and at home. This kickstarted the “Me project”. 

As a child, I developed an obsession with simplifying complexities and getting solutions to whatever challenge stood ahead of me. I had to tap into this skill of mine.

As I was faced with the challenge of climbing the corporate ladder as a wife, mum of three and a migrant, it was tough. I realized that so many people had the same challenges so I needed to create a solution.

I thought what if I applied some of the same principles that helped me find success in my career in my relationship? It worked! My life changed! I realized I could empower, equip and enable organizations and people to build their project leadership muscle to successfully manage goals and needed changes as projects.


“As a wife and mum juggling so many balls in the quest for success, I found that success at work was not enough. Rather, applying  project management strategies used at work can help replicate success at home.”

No Shortcuts

My Stakeholders


The stakeholders depicted on the right side of the journey have been a constant source of motivation for me to seek solutions and create success both in my professional and personal life. This unwavering drive led to the development of the “Me-project,” which gradually evolved into a solution that benefits others.

Through my own journey, I swiftly discovered that when we approach life’s goals and necessary changes as projects, it eliminates the overwhelm and provides a structured framework for planning, managing, and executing. This realization stems from my personal and professional experiences.

Life itself can be seen as a project, and we all possess the ability to be project managers. Whether you are an organization seeking to enhance your business or an individual striving for greater success, I am here to assist you.

I specialize in helping you leverage project management techniques with a strategic focus to effectively manage your career, business, and various other aspects of your life as projects. By adopting this approach, you can attain the desired outcomes you aspire to achieve.


More About Fola

As THE Strategic Project Leader ™, I pioneer strategic project management in business and beyond ™ to help professionals develop as leaders who get business results leveraging strategic project management.
I am dedicated to continuous improvement and also, and I am a committed lifelong learner. My passion is to help people scale up in business, career and relationships by managing these as projects. I share the secrets of my project management career success to help people start or pivot into project management, grow business ideas, and become financially free.
 I have mastered the strategies and tools needed for organizations and individuals to achieve their strategic goals and objectives; this mastery, I share with my clients globally.
Life in and of itself is a project. I use strategic project management as a vehicle to drive value and return on investment (ROI) for organizations and individuals.


–  MBA, Strategy and Project Management
–  Certified PRINCE2®
–  Certified Project Management Professional (PMP®)
–  Certified Agile Practitioner (PMI – ACP®)
–  Certified Prosci Change Management Practitioner (CMP®)
–  ISO Quality Management Auditor
–  Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy (BA)


“To create the life others crave today, you must take action in ways other won’t ~ Fola Alabi.

My Career Journey!

Director - Strategic Project Management
Manager, Project Excellence & Quality Management
Senior Project Manager
Enterprise PMO Leader
Project Management Officer (PMO)
Assistant Project Manager
Business and Change Analyst

How I add value

For Individuals

I help people apply project management philosophies, processes, tools, and proven strategies to:
– pivot into a project management career or advance careers in other fields;
– launch business ideas while in a 9-5; and 
–build thriving relationships.

How I add value

For Organization

I am a trusted partner in creating centres of excellence and driving sound execution strategies in areas of:
– project management office (PMO);
– business transformations/ organizational change management and;
– portfolio alignment and agile delivery.

My Passion

I have a number of things I am passionate about, and family tops this list, hence why building a legacy with strategic project management as a lifestyle helps me empower professionals and entrepreneurs to create a career and life that are excited about which translates into the home.
In exploring my passion to empower professionals and entrepreneurs, I:


  • volunteer as a mentor within the community
  • Host the Strategic Project Leader Podcast
  • Host the Global Strategic Project Managers meet-up
  • host TEDCircles building communities and empowering professionals, parents and business leaders  
  • Spend time with family and friends – I love game nights with my kids!

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