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The Strategic Project Leader

The Strategic Project Leader (SPL) is based on project management with strategic focus, my professional project management experience of over 15 years, life lesson research and thought leadership. Taking the limits off project management in achieving much more than just business goals.
SPL is all about leveraging project management with a strategic focus in business and beyond. Creating a lifestyle that helps professionals, Experts and entrepreneurs transform what they do best and achieve consistent results in business, career and life goals.
The fact is in today’s world project management is the vehicle organizations used in achieving their strategy. The question is, how well are you executing on all your projects to get the results you desire? The trick is in the strategies you apply in managing it.
Having worked in the field of project and organizational change management for over 15 years, I apply project management principles and consistently get results. I have taken it further into my day-to-day personal and the results have been life-changing.
As we know, not projects end up delivering value leaving sunk costs and unhappy stakeholders. So, I decided to take it a step further in understanding the strategies needed that went beyond delivering beyond the triple constraints (cost, time and quality ) which was the SPL model I developed. This was a life-changer for me.
The SPL model takes project management to the next level.  It combines the strategic, business-related aspects of projects, the operational needs of getting the job done while adapting to the context and changes in the environment and the leadership sides of inspiring and leading the project team. In summary, this model integrates and encapsulates the art and science of project management.
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The Strategic Project Leader is based on these three (3) tenets: The SPL™ Model / Framework

1. S – Strategic Mindset
The logical approach to thinking more strategically for lasting results.
2. P – Project Management
The execution powerhouse that take ideas from conception to implementation.
3. L – Leader Agility
Leading and delivering value while being adaptable to change to create results.
The core!
Every change starts with the individual. Applying the FOLA™ framework helps individuals become self-aware, do the required self-work, leverage identified strengths and continuously apply lessons to improve and become transformational leaders and change-makers. All these are at the core of achieving success in business and beyond.

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SPL Lifestyle

The strategic project leader framework incorporates a project lifecycle that takes you from envisioning to starting to full actualization of goals in business, career and life. The Framework is built on the three key pillars below:
  1. Strategic Mindset
  2. Project Management
  3. Leader Agility


  • High-level ideal/ value proposition
  • Requirement Identification
  • Ideas validation
  • Create key success criteria
  • Create measurable objectives
  • Identify risk, constraints, assumptions and issues


  • Requirement Identification
  • Stakeholder Management Planning
  • Work Prioritization
  • Schedule planning
  • Resource identification
  • Cost Identification
  • Critical Path identification


  • Execute Work to Plan
  • Gather Work Data
  • Track Changes and implement changes
  • Perform quality Audit
  • Evaluate performance
  • Update risk, issues and progress log
  • Revisit the plan as needed and course correct

Monitoring/ Continuous Improvement

  • Take action to Monitor progress
  • measure performance and track variance
  • Influence factors causing change
  • Manage negative risk
  • Leverage positive risk


Confirm deliverables meet requirements
              Document final lessons learnt
Gain final acceptance
transfer ownership of final service or product of service
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